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So you want to join WRSC.... That's great news! Can't wait to get you out on the water with us. In the meantime, we have to get some administrative work done for you. Please fill out the membership application below and complete payment. After you do that, please create a membership access account (for a how-to video click here), we will approve your account after the process is complete. You will, assuming there are no issues with your application, be sent a Membership Card that has important access codes along with the Membership Directory and a welcome to WRSC merch item that will be either a hat or burgee.

Membership Application

Please select your type of Membership

Provisional Member (40+)

Available to each new member for single season. The Provisional member is granted all the privileges of a regular member with the exception of voting in club elections. During the calendar year that a Provisional member joins they must declare their intent convert to Regular or Corinthian membership. With the approval of the Board they are granted their respective memberships and will be billed at the normal cycle for the following year. Provisional members may apply dues paid and adult sailing school expenses toward their following year’s dues and/or initiation fee as appropriate.


Associate Member (19-39)

A voting membership for people between the ages of 18 and 40 years. There are two age groups with different fees. This membership can be converted to a regular membership upon the payment of an initiation fee at any point. Previous dues can be used to offset the initiation fee.

Associate 1: Ages 19-29 - $89 

Associate 2: Ages 30-39 - $300 

Junior Membership (-18)

Available to persons under the age of 19 who wish to participate in the WRSC Junior Fleet. Parental consent is required. Can be converted to an Associate membership at age 19.



Select your Membership Level

Applicant Information

Sailing Fleet & Experience

Select your desired fleet (check all that apply)

In the space below, tell us about your sailing and/or boating experience and what interests you in sailing.

Family Information

Please select your Civil Status
Do you have children (below the age of 21 or still in college)

In the space below, please state the boats you own in following format (Boat Name, Boat Type, Boat Length, Boat Sail Number)

Volunteer Information

Program Interest/Participation

Please check all program that you are participating in or are interested in.
Volunteer Interests

Thanks for joining WRSC!

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