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Notice of Cruise – Cruise to Langford Creek, MD and Lankford Bay Marina, 24-25 June 2023

Cruise Leader Contacts

John & Ginger Shea


General Description:

Lankford Bay is on Davis creek, just west of where it meets Langford Creek, off the Chester River and about 5 miles overland east of Rock Hall. As you approach from Galesville, you will see Eastern Neck Island at the mouth of the Chester River, and just north of the Bay Bridge opposite Kent Island is a national wildlife refuge. There is a shuttle-bus service that takes passengers from the Marina to restaurants in Rock Hall at a nominal charge ($5 per person). We plan to go to one of these restaurants where we have had a fine dinner in the past.

We hope to make it to WRSC for Friday evening dinner on Friday. Ginger and I will monitor VHF channel 72 on the hour starting at 1:00 pm Saturday. We have made 8 early reservations, but the reservations must be confirmed with a credit card at least two weeks before the visit, or they may not be honored. Call 410-778-1414 as soon as possible to make your arrangements. Despite the indications on the website, they prefer that we call the marina directly at the 1414 number to make reservations, rather than using Dockwa. The Marina charges $2.25 per foot per night for boats, but for that you get free wireless Internet, use of a nice swimming pool, free loan of bicycles, and free pump-outs in addition to more normal services. For those who do not want to stay at the marina, there are reportedly good anchorage locations near-by, up Davis Creek from the marina, and off the eastern shore of Cacaway Island (separating the east and west branches of Langford Creek. There was reportedly deep water (6 to 9 feet) as close as 25 yards from the eastern shore of Cacaway. Lankford Bay Marina gave the following directions to find the location:

“As you cruise up the Chester River, you will see green buoy #5 which divides Lankford Creek from the Chester River. Go up Lankford Creek to green buoy #7, beginning left turn into Davis Creek and day marker #2. Keep the day marker on your starboard side, our flags will be on your port side. We monitor channel 16 and will switch you to channel 71. Come in any time after 12 noon.”

The URL for Lankford Bay Marina is

Communications: Questions can be directed to the Cruise Leaders at any time via email (see above). Please email the Cruise Leaders if you plan to attend. Any changes to the information in this Notice will be distributed by email to members of the Cruising and Big Boat Fleets­­.

Radio Watch: Cruisers are encouraged to hail the Cruise Leaders on VHF channels 9 & 72 on the odd hours from 1200 to 1800 hours Saturday 27 May 2023.

Process for Coordinating Revisions to This Notice:

Any changes to the information in this Notice will be distributed by email to members of the Cruising and Big Boat Fleets. Please be sure to notify John & Ginger of any changes to your plans.


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