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420 Racing Team Program - 4 Week (Session 1-2)

This is a 4 week program to give the sailors a chance to build on their skills together while racing around the bay.  Additional two week options are avialable in Session 3 and 4.  If for some reason, your sailor is only able to make a part of the abo\ve program, please contact the Director at education@


Includes boat, sail, and dolly rental. For a more competitive edge, sailors may want to buy their own sails.


Trapeze harness is not required. However, training will be available for sailors who would like to use one. Such sailors are required to supply their own trapeze harness. Please be sure that the harness has the latest safety quick release.


Please note there is also an 8 week full summer option.

420 Racing Team Program - 4 Week (Session 1-2)

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