March 7th, 12-4


We're excited to welcome everyone to our Spring Open House, this year partnering with Spinsheet Magazine's Start Sailing Now initiative! Experience sailors come learn how WRSC supports getting you on the water more. Want to learn how to sail? Come find out about our education programs for all ages, starting at 4.5. Know how to sail but can't afford it? Come learn about how affordable WRSC is and about our shared boat program that makes boat "ownership" easy and affordable. 

On site will be representatives from all of our fleets and programs ready to answer your questions, show you around, and talk to you about what we love, SAILING! Read on below for a quick rundown of everything our club is about!


Afterwards, stick around and hang out with our community as we burn our socks, celebrate the end of winter, and throw a party to benefit our Junior Sailors!

90 years since our founding as Our Own Damn Yacht Club,

we remain a community rooted in the love of sailing and an organization designed to nurture this love. Whether you race or cruise, sail dinghies or yachts, are experienced or not, or are looking for a youth camp, we are the community for you. Through our many unique programs, fleets, facilities, and ethos, West River Sailing Club insures that we serve every sailor — all while remaining among the most affordable sailing clubs on the Chesapeake Bay. 


There is always a way to get anyone out on the water, enjoying the sport. 


Where is West River Sailing Club?

We're located just south of Annapolis,a location that is convenient and beautiful. Many of our members live in NOVA or in around either of the beltways, the commute is easy and well worth it for them. 

How expensive is it?

We know that sailing can seem expensive. It isn't with us. We're among the most affordable sailing clubs on the entire Chesapeake Bay that offer a full suite of facilities and activities. We make boat ownership easy and cheaper too with our Shared Boat Program.

What is the Shared Boat Program?

Our shared boat program offers the Laser, Albacore, and the Flying Scot through an affordable subscription program. It allows you to reserve the use of the boats and the club handles all of the maintenance of the program boats.

What kind of boats can I sail here?

Any and all boats are welcomed! We have our cruising fleet, big boat racing, and recreational sailing that are open to any kind of boat. For our dinghy racing, we have 11 different fleets that fit all needs from the oldest one design class on the Bay to hydro-foiling multi-hulls. Check out our fleet page to see all of our different fleets!



4800 Riverside Drive, Galesville, MD 20765

P.O. Box #268

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