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We welcome anyone to WRSC with a love of sailing, regardless of boat ownership, to become a part of our community. By joining our community, we expect you to be an active sailor and to contribute to the well-being of our club, to spread the love of sailing. We hope that new members find a home within one of our many fleets, so we assign each new member a mentor. Somebody to help you get to know the club, to show you the ropes, to bring you into the social fold of our club.


West River prides itself on being one of the most affordable clubs on the Chesapeake Bay. Our annual dues are low and our shared boat program offers a path to sailing that doesn't require the expenses of boat ownership. Making sailing within reach for younger generations and families has been a focus of club of years, as a result our Provisional and Associate Memberships offer a highly affordable entry into the sport and our club. WRSC's affordability is a result of our club being 100% volunteer-run. Whether it is volunteering for a board position, committee head, race committee, or club projects, every member is expected to pitch in around the club every now and then.  

Fill out the online application linked below. At the end of the application, there will be a link to continue onwards to pay your entry dues! Please follow that link and follow all directions. If you choose Pay-by-Check, mail it to WRSC Treasurer P.O. Box 6697, Silver Spring, MD 20916. 

Want to talk to us first about the club? Use the chat bubble on the bottom right,
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Available to any prospective member for a single season. The Provisional member is granted all the privileges of a regular member with the exception of voting in club elections. During the calendar year that a Provisional member joins they must declare their intent convert to Regular or Corinthian membership. With the approval of the Board they are granted their respective memberships and will be billed at the normal cycle for the following year.

$448| Accepted on Application.


A voting membership for people between the ages of 18 and 40 years. There are two age groups with different fees. This membership can be converted to a regular membership upon the payment of an initiation fee at any point.


Ages 18-30 - $89| Ages 31-40 - $300| Accepted on Application.


Available to persons under the age of 18 who wish to participate in the WRSC Junior Fleet. Parental consent is required. Can be converted to an Associate membership at age 18.


$17| Reviewed Application.

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