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The Galley / Friday 5/19 Menu (Greek & Gyros!)

Chef Shay says they're "super excited about this one. The gyro recipe was sent to me from my friends..., who told me it was a big hit with their customers." is back again with another great dinner! Shay also has a kid's price ($10) for the buffet, along with alternative options (hot dogs/burgers). Drink options are listed after the Menu, we have added more options (most kid friendly too)!

5/19 MENU ($20)

Friday Night dinner menu at West River Sailing Club's Galley

Drink Options at the Galley @WRSC

* = NEW for May 2023


  • Nesquik*

  • Capri Sun*

  • Sodas - Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer

  • Gatorade/Vitamin Water*

  • Water (Free)


  • On Tap - IPA, Yuengling, Leinenkugel

  • Canned Beer - Heineken

  • Wine - White/Red

  • Margaritas*

  • Dark & Stormies

  • Bloody Marys


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