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WRSC Sailors Represent at A-Class North American Championships

Five sailors impressively represented WRSC at the 2022 A-Cat North American Championships held recently in Burlington Beach, Ontario, Canada.

The PRO ran seven races from 19 to 23 September in a wide range of wind, surface and

temperature conditions on the western end of Lake Ontario. The fleet of 39 boats contained 22 Classics and 17 Foilers - scoring was kept for each class, as well as for combined, overall


In the Foilers, Marty McKenna was the sole WRSC sailor and finished in 15th place. In the

Classics, Bobby Orr had a great regatta and took home the 3rd Place trophy. Jeff Losapio took the 5th Place Trophy, Pat Stadt finished in 7th and Andy Herbick finished in 17th.

39 cats on the starting line made for exciting positioning during the countdown sequences…


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