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CPR/AED Training Class at WRSC on July 1st

The training will take place at the Club at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday July 1, 2023. Those who complete the course will receive Certification in CPR & AED usage that is effective for two years.

WRSC will be purchasing an AED unit. The Certification will allow attendees to respond to life-threatening emergencies at the Club, and in the community as well. It is an important skill to have these days and can be life-saving.

The cost of the course is $65 per person. However, I believe that we will have a class large enough to drop the price to $60. Mr Sean Sacks, who is giving the course, prefers that payment be in cash, although I suppose that a check will be acceptable..

If Club members want to include family members or friends, that is encouraged.

Anyone that wants to attend is asked to e-mail me at or simply text me at 410-703-5384.


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