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South River HS moves to WRSC! WRSC Purchases a fleet of 12 z420s!


As of Monday, SRHS Seahawks' sailing team will call WRSC its home as of Fall 2022!!! So many of our summer program kids will be on this team that its move from SSA to WRSC is a natural progression. We're excited for the opportunities this opens up to our club, local community, and our kids. Having a 2-team training program at WRSC will be a game changer, especially as we grow further into nearby districts who don't currently have a team. Sailors in the South River district grades 8-12 will be able to participate in the program this coming fall.

New Fleet of 12 z420s!!! On the news of SRHS joining WRSC, the board finalized a vote to purchase a fleet of 12 2014 Z420s from Brown University/Zim Sailing. This decision was already under consideration, but the news quickened the decision. Z420s are specifically built for scholastic/collegiate sailing and are a tougher design (which results in them not having spinnakers). The 12 boat fleet will be used for fall and spring HS Sailing, while the 6 420s we have now will only be used as the Racing/Spinnaker 420s during the summer with 6 of the new z420s serving as the "beginner 420s" during the summer. This purchase follows and pushes the expansion the HS Program, allowing us to expand WRSC's reach into the local community. Having more boats and more kids will also allow us to continue our low fees for the program, which are hundreds less than our neighboring programs, keeping the entry bar lower for all economic situations. With this new fleet, we will be building the long delayed floating docks project as soon as the materials are delivered to us, so keep an eye out for that volunteer sign up!

High School Sailing Interest Meetings

We will be hosting two High School Sailing Interest meetings. We are expanding our program to be more inclusive of all students in the Southern Anne Arundel and Northern Calvert County districts including South River HS, Southern HS, Crofton HS, Northern HS, and any other schools or homeschooled we are forgetting. If you're hoping to start a new team at your school, please attend the August 16th meeting! Tuesday, August 16th, 6:30pm Monday, September 6th, 6:30 We're on TikTok! Follow us @westriversc on TikTok for fun videos of what's going on a the club. Upcoming Events Sunday Series - August 21st High School Sailing Intro Meeting - August 16th, 6:30pm Tuesday Night Catamarans + Friday Night Lasers


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