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We are excited to welcome everyone back to WRSC for another high school regatta!

Welcome to WRSC & Galesville

Please drive responsibly through our village. The speed limit is 30MPH on Main Street and 25MPH on Riverside. Our community will be out on their bikes, running, walking dogs, playing in the streets and we ask you to act responsibly. WRSC volunteers will help direct parking, ensuring everyone can get a parking spot. If you are dropping off kids and not staying for the day, please make this clear to the volunteers.

Do not park in the West River Yacht Harbor/Galesville Yacht Yard, Pirates Cove parking lots. You can/will get towed! Additional - but limited - parking can be found along Riverside Drive.

What's Nearby?

Galesville Museum - Main Street 1-4p

River Gallery 11-5 (we think)

Playground, soccer, baseball fields in Galesville

Lots of parks within 15 minutes

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Capt' Avery Museum

Food Nearby?

We will be selling drinks, food, snacks (funds go directly to the HS teams to help them)

Christopher's (The only Grocery Store in the area) 5570 Shady Side Rd, Churchton, MD 20733

Many more places (pizza, cafe, etc) in Deale.

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