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WRSC Water Quality Testing with the Arundel Rivers Federation

Thanks to our very long-standing partnership with the Arundel Rivers Federation (Formerly the West & Rhode Rivers Keeper), along with monetary support from the West River Sailing Foundation, WRSC monitors the water quality off our dock in the summer months every year. So far this year, our location has had some of the lowest numbers (ranging from 2-20 CFU, average of 6.6) among the rest of the Federation's testing locations. We will make note of when we fail the water quality standards, however this data along with many other locations across the Chesapeake Bay and country can be found here West River Sailing Club | Swim Guide (

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Nice job, Bryan. This is important info for parents of junior sailors and will help to encourage them to stay with the program and potentially draw recruits from less clean areas (Severn River????). Liz also thanks you for your nod to the Foundation's (WRSF) financial support of this. It's an important part of the Foundation's portfolio which is managed by John Geiger.

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