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Cruise Report - Fall Rendezvous Cruise 2022

After cruise Report

Fall Rendezvous Cruise

Oct 28,29,30 2022

This was the first post-COVID Fall Rendezvous Cruise that WRSC sponsored. We hoped for a

possible race to our traditional destination: Dividing Creek, Wye River. The Race didn’t happen, but the cruise was a wonderful success. Our Big Boat Racers need to re-group and grow, so the fact that no race happened does not mean that next year there will be a race. It takes time to re-group from what we all have been through.

Our Cruising Participants were:

- Al and Liz Sutherland plus Susan Whalen aboard OUTWARD.

- Heidi and Dan Bay aboard their newly purchased Dehler 46 (Google that to see what a beautiful boat that is – amazing – and a great Racing and Cruising Boat).

- RJ Bay and his fiancé Krissy and their Goldendoodle, Teddy, aboard their Alberg 30 (acquired in May but recently re-engineered).

- Erick and Maggie Chiang aboard Au Lapin Agile II.

- Last minute regrets due to medical issues were received from Dave and Rachel Dawson and Jim and Althea Hodson (and family).

We only wound up with 4 boats participating, which was the best since COVID began, but we

could have wound up with 6 boats which would have been a good group pre-COVID. Hopefully we are back to normal by next year. Outward and RJ Bay set out on Friday Oct 28. RJ went to St. Michaels and Outward went to Dividing Creek. The weather was rough. Wind was a strong Northeasterly and Outward decided to motor. We’re not sure what RJ did.

We all began to meet up in Dividing Creek on Saturday, 29 October. On Saturday morning we had a gorgeous sunny day. Outward and crew took their dingy to Wye Island for a great walk-about. RJ Bay arrived later with his crew and did the same.

On Saturday 10/29 we all met up for the traditional oysters and shrimp on the fall rendezvous

aboard Outward. We had great food and good conversations. The next day, Sunday 30 October, there was zero wind. Outward again motored home. I’m not sure how our other boaters went home but hopefully they had a bit of sailing. Overall – this was a good trip, a simple trip, and a nice beginning to the end of COVID and the beginning of fun cruises for WRSC.


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