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An Impromptu Cruiser Fleet Cruise to Cambridge

In early June Liz and I sailed Outward up the Choptank River to Cambridge Maryland. Unfortunately, we only reached our destination under the tow of Tow Boat, U.S. Our Aquadrive, a CV Joint that angles the propeller shaft 6 degrees, failed. Thus, started a 4 ½ month repair job by Yacht Maintenance, Cambridge (YMC). The Aquadrive is manufactured in Sweden and was not in stock in the U.S. Covid-19 undoubtedly had significant effect in slowing delivery.

Finally, at the end of September we got the welcomed call from YMC that Outward was repaired and ready for pick up. Erick and Maggie Chiang offered to take us to Cambridge in MV au Lapin Agile II. Sensing that other Cruisers in the WRSC fleet were aching to get together on a socially distanced cruise, we asked Cruiser Fleet Captain, Bernie Doyle, if it would be possible to send out an invitation to the Fleet for an impromptu cruise to Cambridge. Bernie was in Massachusetts and was unable to attend, but we got a positive response from a number of Cruisers.

On October 3, under beautiful blue skies, in addition to Al & Liz Sutherland, Erick & Maggie Chiang there was Pat & Joe Casey, Dave & Rachel Dawson, Al & Vicki Lohman and Steve Lott & Cindi Any Bowers who participated in the cruise. All of us gathered together at 6’ distance on the lovely grounds of the Cambridge Municipal Marina for heavy appetizers and a Happy Hour that lasted until sunset. We all had a wonderful time, and it was great to get the fleet together after a mostly COVID forced inactivity. Unfortunately, Jack & Joanna Lahr had also hoped to attend via land yacht but were turned back by stopped Bay Bridge traffic.


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