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Early Bird Cruise REPORT

WRSC Cruise Leaders Dave and Rachel Dawson provided a report on the 2022 Early Bird Cruise to St. Michael's. Please note that the Memorial Day Cruise is coming up soon. Details to follow. The Early Bird cruise, the first we have held for a couple of years, was an exemplar of why there should be an Early Bird cruise. We started with four member attendees, in four boats, and after a number of adjustments ended up with four member attendees, in two boats and a car. Grant Woo

dside/Diane DePugh dropped out due to family obligations, and the Chiangs dropped out due to engine problems. The Dawsons had engine issues but were able to manage the trip; and Jack Lahr, who came as crew for his daughter Ellen and boat partner Lori on a boat they had newly purchased, did fine on this shake-out cruise. The Dawsons brought along another member, Sue Whalen, and were joined in St. Michaels by yet another member, Raya Koren. We enjoyed cocktails, appetizers, and conviviality on the flybridge of the Dawsons’ Festina Lente, and adjourned to Limoncello for dinner. Weather and cruising over to St. Michaels were great. The return to the Western Shore was cold and stormy. One unexpected highlight of the trip: sighting of at least five dolphins frolicking in the Miles River.

The leaders’ word to the club membership: the Early Bird is a good way to make sure your boat is ready for the season, and to start your season earlier so it lasts longer.

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