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Southern Qualifies for 2 MASSA Tier 1 Championships

We are stoked to share that our Southern Bulldogs' Varsity Tier 1 Team have had two successful weekends! This weekend at the MDISA Qualifiers, they qualified to move on to the MASSA Tier 1 Silver Championships! They had to qualify to get to this regatta, which was hosted by Severn Sailing Association, which was the highest level of competition the team has faced since starting in 2019. And...Last weekend they qualified to move onto the MASSA Tier 1 Girls Championships at the MDISA Girls Championship hosted by Gunston School, getting fourth until an unfortunate protest (but still qualifying!)

Due to Saturday's conditions, our team decided to retire for the day. This left our team starting day two of the event with two DNS and one DNF and an overall placement of 14/5 (can't remember) out of 16. Sunday the team came refreshed and took on the fleet. The team overall had good boat speed and quickly learned the oscillating breezes (from the Naval Academy) that Annapolis Harbor is very known for. A huge focus for the day was working on their starting strategy in the more competitive fleet. They pushed for the entire day, tying for 11th and qualifying for the next regatta. Southern ended up being capable of getting 5ths and 6ths by the end of the event. We are so proud of the team for their effort and how much they clearly learned this weekend.


Saturday, April 22:

Saturday started off with a 15-18 knot breeze from the South with 3-4 foot swell coming in from the bay. As the first set was happening the breeze and wave height increased to 18-25 knots steady with 4 foot swell consistently on the race course. We had to take a couple breaks due to high winds before eventually calling off racing for the day at 12:35pm. Big thank you to the Race Committee today for doing a tremendous job of making sure all the kids were safe and helping with capsized boats.

Sunday, April 23:

We moved the start time forward to 9am on the water today due to the shortened day on Saturday. We had a great breeze of 8-12 knots from the West North West. We were able to get off 6 races in each division today with challenging shifts throughout the day. Thank you to Mark Bennett (PRO), Greg Cukor, Jay Herman, Carolyn Marquez, Rich McVeigh, Steve Kline, and Jay Marquez for helping run races all weekend! Congrats to Severn School on first place, Spalding in second and St. Mary's in 3rd! Good luck to those moving on to the District events!


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