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"The 5O5 is a double-handed boat that incorporates a light weight, high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze. The boat is unique in that it has outstanding performance in all conditions. In light air it is quick and responsive, and in breeze it just goes faster. Planing begins in 10 knots of wind.

The Class Rules are One-Design, with the emphasis on controlling aspects that most directly affect boat speed. The sailplan and hull shape are tightly controlled, while the rigging layout, spars, and the foils are open. This allows the boat to be set up in many ways to suit the sailors; there are several distinct types of sail and layout combinations from the US, Australia and Europe. The result is that, at any Worlds, all the types will be used by the top 10 finishers, and usually by the top 5. Most US boats currently have adjustable shrouds, forestay, and mast ram, which allows rig tension, rake and bend to be changed while racing. There are many ways to rig the boat; it still takes the best sailors to win."



A high performance planing dinghy with a spinnaker and a trapeze. One of the largest high performance two person International classes, the 505 is raced in over 18 countries on five continents. WRSC is home to 5.0.5 Fleet 19

About the Boat
Fleet Captain

The Fleet Captain's personal statement will be added shortly along with a photo of them.

Any questions can be sent to


RJ Bay


Fleet Communications

The Int. 505 fleet uses a google group like many other fleets at WRSC, it's easy for anybody to join! This is how the fleet captain, the fleet, and others at WRSC communicate specifically to each other! All important fleet specific information is sent through this group.

Email to get added to this list (GoogleGroups no longer allow joining links).

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