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A club focused on making sailing within reach for all from the start.

We grew from modest beginnings into one of the most active sailing clubs on the Bay. We remain a community rooted in the love of sailing and are an organization designed to nurture that love. Whether you race or cruise, sail dinghies or yachts, are experienced or not, we are the community for you. Our clubhouse and grounds occupy one of the most attractive sites on the Bay.


We offer a complete range of friendly and relaxed sailing activities as well as high caliber racing to suit all sailors. From cruising to racing, learn to sail for all ages, to our shared boat program, West River Sailing Club strives to serve every sailor — all while remaining among the most affordable sailing clubs on the Chesapeake Bay. 


Everyone in our community lends a hand in maintaining and promoting our club.

Everything at our club, is in part, thanks to our membership. While there is no volunteer work requirement, people still pitch in whether its at the fall and spring clean ups, running a committee, or taking leadership positions on the Board of Directors. The strengths of this system were on full display during the Coronavirus Pandemic, as we were the only sailing club on the Chesapeake Bay that was fully open that did not have any paid management.

We ask all of our members to take part in the operation of our club, as a result we are all equally invested in the well being of our community — the facilities and each other. At our annual Spring Membership Meeting, we recognize an individual who, through their volunteer efforts, had a profound affect on our community through the Fitz-Carlton Award.


We pride ourselves on being the most affordable sailing clubs on the Chesapeake Bay.

Our membership fees are among the lowest on the Chesapeake Bay for a club with a full suite of facilities and programs. We also offer a Shared Boat Program, where members can subscribe to one of three boat types (Laser, Flying Scot, and Albacore) for a low yearly fee. 

To promote the sport of sailing and make it more reachable, our members came together and founded the West River Sailing Foundation in 2018. It is a charitable foundation entirely separate from West River Sailing Club who's mission it is to promote the sport, ensure that it is within reach to everyone, with a focus on promoting youth sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.


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