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The A- Class Catamaran (A Cat) offers incredible speed, amazing responsiveness and is totally addictive. The A-Class catamaran is a single handed open development class. Both foiling and non-foiling boats are included in class.  

  • Carbon hulls 18’ long - 7’6” wide and a 30’ carbon mast

  • Fully Battened Sail with sail area of 150 sq. 

  • Weight 165-175 lbs 

Competitive for a wide range of ages and weight.  Participants in the recent North American Championships ranged in weight from 135 to 220 lbs and ages from 16 to 75. Club races and many regional and national regattas regularly attract 15-50 boats. 

For more information on the United States A Class Association please visit our website at and our Facebook page at


The West River Sailing Club is an ideal location for sailing catamarans. It offers an easy launch that's protected from most wind directions with quick access to the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The A Cats are part of a special catamaran community at the club.  During the season all fleets race together on Tuesday nights, which is usually followed by food and drink, and sailing tales.

About the Boat
Fleet Captain

In 2009 I came to an open house at the West River Sailing Club.  I had never sailed before and wanted to learn about the club and look into sailing lessons. While I was at the open house I was offered a ride on an A Cat.  That's all it took.  3 months later I was in my 1st A Cat regatta.  Now I do 12-15 regattas a year in locations from Florida to Canada and I even went to Australia for a World Championship Regatta.  


Please contact me at if you have any questions about the A Class Catamarans, our fleet or our club.




Fleet Communications

The A Class catamarans are a part of the West River Catamaran google group. It's easy for anybody to join! This is how the fleet captain, the fleet, and others at WRSC communicate specifically to each other! All important fleet specific information is sent through this group. To join, send a blank email to for the admin to approve you.

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