Designed by a past commodore, David Shaw, our clubhouse has served us well since its opening in 1963. Designed as an extremely flexible space, it is able to meet the needs of any event we have hosted comfortably. In the great room, a vast majority of our perpetual trophies and burgees of clubs whom were close with are on display; in here, we host galas, awards, Friday night dinners, membership meetings, and everything in between. For smaller meetings, our board room offers a great space just off the great room. Our restrooms offer roomy showers and changing space.

As you can see in the photo above, our clubhouse celebrates its location through its architectural transparency — connecting you with the river immediately upon arrival.


Our clubhouse is available for rental for members and non-members. Availability during the summer can be tough, as our active sailing schedule takes precedence, but in the off season is typically available. We have hosted weddings, memorials, birthday parties, and many more types of events. Rental of the clubhouse provides usage of all spaces, with the exception of staff only rooms.

Price for members is $250 a day. Price for non-members is dependent on the type of event. Want to rent our clubhouse?

Email with your inquiry.


Our recently upgraded kitchen provides an excellent platform for us host large events with. Through our partnership with our "in house" caterer, Karen Wilder of Wilder Catering, we can provide food and drinks for any level of event. Whether it is a banquet dinner for a national level regatta, or some o'dourves for a small get together, Karen is able to put together a great service at an affordable price. She regularly serves dinner on Friday nights during the sailing season, typically from April through September.

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