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WRSC prides itself on our beautiful location and facilities and our launch capabilities are no different. We offer two 2-ton cranes and a beautiful beach for launching boats. These have allowed us to host large regattas like our Junior Regatta and get every boat (upwards of 150) launched within 40 minutes. 

As with any venue, there are a few tricks and tips to launching at WRSC.

Beach Launch

WRSC's beach launch is unique, beyond our black sand... The beach is accessible via a ramp that crosses over our erosion control systems. This ramp is wide enough for two Lasers to launch at once. Use caution near the tidal line on the ramp as this range can be rather slippery. When leaving the beach, make sure to stay between the white pole and WRSC dock to avoid submerged obstructions. After passing the 420 docks, most boats can put their boards down entirely.

NOTE: No motorized vehicles are permitted on the ramp. The ramp is only for launching of dinghies on dollies by hand.

Crane Launch

WRSC maintains two 2-ton cranes at our wharf. In our typical set up, only the south crane (1) is available for member and guest use. The north crane (2) servers our support boats except for large events where we clear the wharf for faster launching.

The path up to the wharf is dredged to a sufficient depth for any boat at WRSC. Please note that the dredged path is in alignment with our dock and wharf (i.e. if you are more than 30 feet from the dock it can be shallow). 

NOTE: There is no circumstance where WRSC Support Boats need to be moved from their typical placements to launch a boat using the south crane. Please do not move the support boats.


Our dock has a spot for nearly every boat. See the image below for a sense of drafts and power locations. 

NOTE: While our dock is first come first serve, RC and Club events have priority over all other uses of the dock and mooring field. 


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