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The F16 fleet was established at WRSC in 2010. We have a mix of single-handed and double-handed teams that are competitive. We are part of the catamaran group of friendly and helpful sailors at the club. We race in the Tuesday night and Frostbite catamaran series around government marks from April into November, in weekend races around buoys, as well as distance races around the Chesapeake Bay. You also find us sailing around the West River and the Bay just for fun days on the water.

Come join our competitive and fun fleet!



The Formula 16 catamaran is fun, fast and versatile. It is light and can be sailed, righted, beach launched, and retrieved by a single adult. However, it can be also sailed and raced with 2 people on board. Class rules allow a single-handed boat to race under mainsail and spinnaker directly against double- handed boat sailing under mainsail, jib, and spinnaker, with no handicap between them. Raced double-handed, it is ideally suited to light teams, such as parent/child, mixed gender, or youth teams. Everyone can enjoy the day!

About the Boat
Fleet Captain



I started sailing as a teenager on a Force 5. A few years later I had a chance to sail on a Hobie 16 beach cat and I was hooked on catamarans! I sailed a Hobie 16 and a Nacra 5.0 for many years before getting my F16 in 2002. I really enjoy its versatility and feel that the West River is a perfect place for this class. We also have a very close and friendly group at WRSC which makes sailing here that much more enjoyable.

Please email me, at, if you have any questions about the F16 boats, our fleet, or our club.


Fleet Communications

The F16 fleet is a part of the West River Catamaran Google group. It's easy for anybody to join! This is how the fleet captain, the fleet, and others at WRSC communicate specifically to each other! All important fleet specific information is sent through this group. To join, send a blank email to for the admin to approve you.

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