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We have a history of running excellent, large scale events at West River Sailing Club. 

We have the equipment and fleet needed to run multiple race courses at the same time. At the core of our fleet is the Hallie Q, an old bay built Dickerson deadrise, which provides a comfortable platform to run regattas on. To support the Hallie Q, we have many more support boats large and small that serve our regattas well.

Our race committee is a volunteer group from within our membership, as fleets take turns running each other's regattas. Everyone in charge on race day has been through in house training, insuring quality throughout all of our races. Race documents are based on a standard template that allows us to toggle different fleet rules, like the 505 rabbit start. We have even color coded the race docs, green for NOR and red for Sailing Instructions to make it easier on race day.

What separates us from many clubs on the Bay is our river, which remains low traffic even on the busiest of weekends like during our Labor Day Weekend Regatta. The river allows us three main course areas, providing great sailing for all types of boats. It is always a short sail out to our race courses

and our race areas are typically immune to the chop and disturbance other Chesapeake Bay rivers are known for due to boat traffic.



Our communications director can run the event media for you! For the 2018 International 5o5 Class East Coast Championships, the director filmed starts, maintained a live presence on all of our social medias, and took photos of the racing. Whether its live results or after race interviews, we likely can work it out with you to make your event a huge success. We have a communications team ready to cover large-scale events at WRSC.

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