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Our summer program runs from mid-June through mid-August, Monday through Friday. Our students will not only learn through repetitive drills but also through creative ways such as an Adventure Sail, an inquisitive Treasure Hunt, a game of Jeopardy on a stormy day, and through so many other fun and creative ways. Each session culminates with a special activity that will use all the skills that they have learned whether it be it a sail to High Island in the Rhode River for lunch or a quiet picnic to Round Bay to observe the horseshoe crabs hatching their young.

As always, Last Year's Pricing until February 15th to ease the pain of wage and cost of living increases in Maryland.

NEW in 2023:

  • Updated Sea Urchin Program

    • Level 3 Sea Urchin class for those ready to start sailing on their own but not ready for an all day program.

  • Junior Regatta moved to Session 2 on Thursday, July 13th, 2023

  • Growing Race Team

    • Racing Team 4-Week Program for our racers to get their summer off on the right track.

    • More regattas for our racers to attend.

    • High-Level 420 Clinic in the works.

  • More 420s to help us expand our older youth programs.

  • Big Boat Sailing opportunities for our older more experienced sailors.

  • Family Days (Stay tuned for dates and more info)

  • Junior Membership included with some Family Day perks.

How to Register


Step 1. Pay through the website's system (it allows checks too)

Step 2. Complete the registration forms.

Step 3. Complete the Medical Release Form and print it out. Bring it with you on the first day!


I don't know how to decided... Opti — Single-handed | Age 15 & under weighing 120 lbs or less. The opti is an international standard for teaching kids how to sail and race. 420 — Double-handed | Age 18 & under with a combined optimum crew weight of 242-319 lbs, but I’ve seen some great teams that probably weighed in the low 200s. It is used locally as the summer junior double handed racing boat with spinnakers and nationally at the high school and collegiate level without spinnakers. ​ Laser/ILCA — Simply register as "Laser," we identify rig sizes on the day of program. ​ 4.7 (ILCA 4) Rig Single-handed | All ages weighing 100 lbs or more. It uses a short pre-bent lower mast to maintain a balanced helm and a sail area that is 35% smaller than the Laser Standard. It is ideal for learning to sail or for the lighter weight sailor graduating from Optimist.   Radial (ILCA 6) Rig Single-handed - All ages weighing 121-154 lbs. It uses a more flexible and slightly shorter lower mast section together with a sail area 18% smaller than the Laser Standard.   ​ Full (ILCA 7) Rig Single-handed - All ages weighing 132 lbs and above.  It can be sailed by almost any weight in light winds, but as the wind increases, it is better suited to higher sailor weights and skill. 



Friday Sea Urchins (Level 1) is open to 4.5 - 7 year olds and are held on four consecutive Fridays from 4:30 to 6:00pm. Parents, grandparents, and family members are encouraged to stay and watch from the sidelines as cheerleaders. This class will be offered during the months of May, June, and July.

Morning Sea Urchins (Level 2) is suggested for ages 5-7 or those who have completed level 1 or have the attention span for the longer class.**

(NEW!)Afternoon Sea Urchins (Level 3) is suggested for ages 6-8 and those who have completed level 1 & 2 AND are ready to try sailing on their own, but not ready for a full day program **

**This is based on general attention spans. However, we do understand situations of siblings, friends, cousins, etc. We also understand that there are some young sailors that are ahead of the cuvre.  Please email the Director at if you have any questions.

General Session Information and Dates



Friday Sea Urchins (Level 1) Ages: 4.5 -7

Time:  Fridays 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

May: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th FULL!

June: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd FULL!

July: June 30th & July 7th, 14th, 21st FULL!

Morning Sea Urchins (Level 2) Ages: to 5-7**

Time: M-F, 9:00-11:30am

Session 3A: July 17-21st LIMITED SPACE!

Session 3B: July 24-28th LIMITED SPACE!

Session 4A: July 31-August 4th LIMITED SPACE!

Afternoon Sea Urchins (Level 3) Ages: 6-8** 

Completion of level 2 required and ready to try sailing on their own.

Time: M-F, 12:30-3:00pm

Session 3A: July 17-21st 

Session 3B: July 24-28th

Session 4A: July 31-August 4th

**or permission given by director for other ages


Before 2/15/2022:

Level 1 (Fridays)   $175.00
Level 2, 3          $350.00


After 2/15/20221: 

Level 1 (Fridays)   $198.00

Level 2,3          $395.00


- Multi-session/kid discounts (5-8% @checkout)

- Members get 30% off! Members can find their members-only promo codes on the Member Homepage



These courses are designed for sailors of all skill level who have completed second grade. Each two week session will cover the appropriate skills for each student’s level, and will build on the skills for those students returning for more than one session. We use 

OPTIs, 420s and Lasers in the program, please read the "Which Boat for My Kid?" tab above to figure out which boat is right for your sailor.


Please note that we have expanded our racing program. Check out the RACING tab above for more details. 













For those who are just starting out and/or recent graduates of the Sea Urchins.

For those who are comfortable handling a boat on their own  and looking to expand their seamanship skills.

For those who are looking to  sail competitively and learn the skills and tactics involved in racing. Must be able to sail upwind and gybe downwind.









For older sailors or those that weigh over 110lbs that are just starting out. 


For those who are comfortable handling a boat on their own  and looking to expand their seamanship skills.

For those who are looking to  sail competitively and learn the skills and tactics involved in racing. Must be able to sail upwind and gybe downwind.




For those who are comfortable handling a boat on their own  and looking to expand their seamanship skills.

For those who are looking to  sail competitively and learn the skills and tactics involved in racing. Must be able to sail upwind and gybe downwind.

General Session Information and Dates


Ages: 8 to 18

Time:  Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Session I: June 19th – June 30th

    (Laser: Sold-Out unless you own your own Laser)

    (Opti: Sold-Out)

Session II: July 3rd – July 14th (No class on the July 4th & July 13th (Regatta Day))      (Opti: Sold-Out)

Session III: July 17th – July 28th


Session IV: July 31st – August 11th


Before 2/15/2022:

Session 1,3,4   $975.00
Session 2       $800.00


After 2/15/20221: 

Session 1,3,4   $1100.00

Session 2       $880.00


- Bring your own boat - Get a discount

- Multi-session/kid discounts (5-8% @checkout)

- Members get 30% off! Members can find their members-only promo codes on the Member Homepage

Racing Team



Before 2/15/2022:

Racing Team Program 4-Week:   $1670.00
Session 3,4                      $975.00


After 2/15/20221: 

Racing Team Program 4-Week:   $1880.00

Session 3,4                      $1100.00


- Bring your own boat - get a discount

- Multi-session/kid discounts (5-8% @checkout)

- Members get 30% off! Members can find their members-only promo codes on the Member Homepage


Racing Team Sessions Information and Dates

Ages: 8 to 18

Time:  Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm plus regattas

Includes: Boat, Sail, and Dolly Charter

Additional Fees: Regatta entry fees and travel costs

Racing Team Program 4-Weeks: June 19th – July 14th

  • No class on the July 4th

  • Home Regatta: Thursday, July 13th

(Opti: Sold-Out  Ask about waiting list)

Racing Team Session III: July 17th – July 28th


Racing Team Session IV: July 31st – August 11th

The WRSC Jr. Racing Team will be developed throughout the summer, based on experience and desire and follows the Junior Sailing School Schedule. Racers can participate for a full season or just part. They don’t have to start out as racers. Anyone with the desire will be given a chance to see what racing is all about.


Coached by our Racing Instructor(s), our Race Team is the natural step for junior sailors who have usually progressed through two or more sessions (a guideline not a requirement), are comfortable with all aspects of boat handling, and have a passion for learning more about sailing and competing. Racers will practice boat handling skills, starting techniques, mark-roundings, while also learn tactics, strategy, racing rules, and so much more. They are still a part of the Junior Sailing School and will not miss out on all of the fun.

The team will compete at a variety of regattas around the Chesapeake Bay and farther as their skill and competition level grows. Racing Team participants are required to attend at least one session. It is strongly recommended, although not required, that all racers participate in the ALL NEW RACING TEAM 4-WEEK PROGRAM during the first four weeks of camp (Session 1 & 2 combined) as this will provide them with the perfect start to the summer season and since most of the local Chesapeake Bay regattas are scheduled during these first four weeks. Racing Team Session 3 and/or Session 4 can be used as the perfect addition(s) to the 4-Week Program or signed up individually.

Registration fees include boat, sail(s), and dolly charter.  Sailors will be assigned their own equipment on Day 1 of their session and will be taught how to care for that equipment properly. Personal boats are encouraged for the more serious racers.  For those that would like a more competitive edge without the costs of owning a boat, may want to consider buying just a sail. For those wishing to participate in a particuliar regatta but are not signed up for the concurrent session, they may charter a boat and receive coaching for a small fee depending on boat availability. 


As stated before, racing opportunities exist through-out the summer around the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond; including the WRSC Junior Regatta on Thursday, July 13, 2023. The actual regatta schedule will be discussed prior to the beginning of the season and at the start of each session. Regatta entry fees and other costs related to road trips are in addition to sailing school fees. 


To join the WRSC JR Race Team, simply register for any of the racing programs listed below or any of the summer sailing school sessions and choose 'racer' during registration.

Please contact the Director with any questions at


  1. LUNCH: Bring a lunch and plenty of snacks for during the day. We ask that sugary snacks be limited.

  2. NO SODAS, NO SODAS, NO SODAS. Sodas will NOT be permitted. Gator Ade or other athletic beverages are discouraged.

  3. WATER: Bring plenty of water in non-breakable water bottle(s) – reusable water bottles preferred. Tip: Bring one bottle and a second bottle that was placed in the freezer overnight.

  4. SUNSCREEN: Students must apply sunscreen prior to class. Instructors will remind students to reapply sunscreen during lunch but are not responsible for ensuring application. Please discuss with your child the importance of applying sunscreen and where the responsibility lies.

  5. PFD: A properly fitted U.S Coast Guard approved life vest is REQUIRED. Instructors will check all PFD’s for proper fit on the first day of sailing school. A properly fitting PFD fits the child snuggly and does not inch up the chest toward the neck/head area when lifted by the shoulders. No orange horseshoe or around-the-waist water ski types are permitted.

  6. WATER SHOES: Appropriate foot protection must be worn at all times, both in and out of the water.

  7. SUGGESTED ITEMS: Hat w/brim, sunglasses w/floating lanyard attached, beach towel.

  8. If children wish to wear a bathing suit, please make sure they bring a cover up or t-shirt forprotection from the sun.

  9. A dry change of clothing is recommended.

  10. All personal items should be labeled with a permanent marker. This includes boats and equipment.

  11. Classes start promptly at 8:30 am. Students are not to arriver prior to 8:15 a.m, except for the first day of class when arrival is 8:00 a.m.

  12. Class ends at 3:00 p.m. Class is not considered over until all boats and equipment are properly cleaned and returned to their designated storage area. Students are responsible for assisting with getting boats in and out of the water and may NOT leave class until all boats and equipment are stowed.

  13. A late fee will be assessed to parents who fail to pick up their children by 3:15 p.m.

  14. If your child will be leaving with someone other than a parent, please provide the Sailing School Director written authorization in the morning when you drop your child off.

  15. In the event of inclement weather, classes will be held in the clubhouse.

  16. There are NO make-up classes.

  17. Parent volunteers are needed for regatta logistics, social event planning and other support.

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