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Sailing is the perfect sport for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, and unlike so many other sports, it is one that you can continue to due throughout your life.  The best part is that regardless of your age, ability, or limitation, sailing has something for everyone. So whatever your reason for wanting to learn, we’re here to share our knowledge in a safe, fun, and relaxing environment.

We offer a multitude of adult sailing classes ranging from beginner to advance levels and taught in Albacores and Flying Scots. We use small sailboats as they provide immediate feedback and experience with all aspects of sailing. Our adult courses are available for ages 18 and up. Our objective is to give you as much on the water time as possible focusing on hands-on learning.


  • Our instructors have been US Sailing certified

  • We focus on the basic mechanics first and grow from there

  • No matter what kind of learner you are, we teach to all the senses

  • We are located on the beautiful West River with it’s wide open waters and minimum boat traffic

  • Afterwards, you have access to our shared boat program for free for the first year.


Sessions are a weekend long, running from 9am to 4pm. 

New for 2024 is a Friday Night Class Intro for each Beginning Session from 

Friday Night is optional but highly recommended!

Sessions cost $330 for members and $419-778 for nonmembers depending on age. 

Please note that membership is for a family unit (ex. a couple = 1 member and 1 nonmember in costs).

The non-member price includes one-year Provisional Membership and full access to our Shared Boat Program, giving you and your family access to everything the club has to offer for a year to get to know everyone who's a part of our community and more time on the water! We hope, that after a year with us, you will become a part of community for many years to come.

There are more advanced sessions being planned, please email if you are interested!

If you have any questions, email

Refresher Course - FREE

  • Spring LTS/Shared Boat Refresher | April 20th| 9-12

  • Required for all returning Shared Boat People

Beginner Sessions 

Friday 6-8pm (optional), Saturday & Sunday 9am - 4pm

  • May Session | May 4-5

  • June Session | June 8-9

  • July Session | July 20-21

  • August Session | August 17-18

  • Others available upon request and date availability

Advance Sessions (For Members only - $275)

  • July Session | July 20-21 | 9-4

  • Others available upon request and date availability



You must be a member to participate in Adult Learn to Sail. If you are already a member, please make sure to select the "member" option and mention the membership name in the checkout process via the "add a note" option.


If you're not a member, don't worry — your fee includes membership as described above! Please note that our membership is for the family unit, meaning a couple is the cost of one nonmember and one member class!


After finishing the payment process, please fill out our Membership Application linked here. It will open in a new window if you click it right now. Please note your registration is not complete until you have submitted the application (and your spot is not saved until it is submitted)


If you chose to pay by mail-in check, we reserve your spot for one week while we await the payment. We require the check be mailed to the WRSC Treasury P.O. Box. Sign the check to "West River Sailing Club" and make clear on the envelope it is for Learn to Sail. 

WRSC Treasurer

P.O. Box 6697, Silver Spring, MD 20916.  

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