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We offer on-site boat storage for our members with sanctioned one-design boats. Nothing can beat the convenience of having your boat ready to go, any day that you want to go sailing! Do not have a sanctioned boat? That's okay! Non-sanctioned boats are welcomed too, but only when there are open parking spots not claimed by a sanctioned boat. 


We offer on-site trailer storage for our members. Nothing can beat the convenience of having your mast already rigged up with the boat ready to launch in minutes. Yearly rates are according to the boat size. 


Our rack storage for Lasers, Sunfish, Optis, and other personal small craft is an affordable option to make it easy for you to get out on the water! The racks have enough room for your boat, dolly, spars, and sails to be kept in once spot if you rig it right.


Email our parking manager at to reserve a spot, make sure you include the form below requesting what boats you would like to find a spot for on our grounds. Members, make sure that you renew your parking early enough each year to keep your spot! The application can be found within the Bylaws/Documents section of the members website, please fill out and email to parking manager. If there is space available, they will confirm your spot and ask for payment. 

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