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Fall Clean Up TOMORROW

Our fall cleanup at WRSC is on Saturday, November 5, 2022, 9:00 to 3:00. In the past, we have had very good turn outs of workers that have labored hard at multiple tasks and accomplished a great deal.

This year, we have even more to accomplish. As noted in Leith's earlier e-mail, we must complete the job of dismantling and hauling away the old dangerous floating dock on the north side of the main dock. A fairly small group of older members was successful at a good start on this task earlier this week, although it was difficult and taxing at a minimum. However, to successfully finish the job, we need several strong and younger workers who can help finish the dismantling and loading of the very heavy sections into pickup trucks, THEN going to the county dump to unload them into the trash bins there.

We have one or two chain saws committed, but additional chain saws with workers that can operate them are sorely needed.

In addition to the big dock project, we will be doing the more usual work of raking and collecting leaves, cleaning out flower beds, clipping branches, cleaning up the Clubhouse, and much more.

Also, our Grounds Committee Chair, Jody Gibson, will be collecting junk from around the periphery of the Club's property, and sending it to the dump. Much of that effort will be focused behind the parked boats along the north perimeter.

At the present time, we have two pickup trucks committed, Given the large amount of debris that I expect will have to be hauled away this year, based on past years' experience, I think the we need AT LEAST a total of five trucks and dedicated drivers.

SO!! We have a lot of work to be accomplished on November 5. Please bring your muscles, rakes, tarps, leaf blowers. clippers, gloves, chain saws, trucks, and enthusiasm! There will be pizza for lunch.

Those of you that can bring a pick up, please let Rear Commodore Leith Speiden know at

You can also contact me via e-mail or my cell (REDACTED), if you have comments or questions.

Many thanks. See you on Saturday!


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