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Seeking Housing for Visiting Sailors

WRSC is known for housing visiting sailors for our events. It helps make up for the lack of local hoteling, but also can add a more memorable experience. We have our typical batch of members who host competitors, yet we are finding that we might need more hosts!

We are specifically looking for people who can host sailors for the Spring Regatta on May 20-21, but we like to maintain a list of people we can ask for future events too. So, if you can't do this event but would be interested, still reach out to us!

What does hosting look like? We host people in boats or houses. If it's a boat, you can tie it up to the WRSC dock for the weekend or provide an address to its slip and access to the sailors for the weekend. We also try to get our hosts to be within South County for easy access to WRSC.

Why help host? The conversations you'll have with these visiting sailors is almost always unique with new perspectives. Hosting is a core part of WRSC's unique reputation and memories, as many of our regular visitors regard us as very welcoming and hospitable. If you can host sailors, reach out to Bryan at Please provide information like how many beds and what type of beds (vberth, queen, two twins, etc.)

PS: For any Spring Regatta sailors, we are able to house everyone who has asked so far but we are nearing capacity without asking for more volunteers.


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