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Special Alert: Tropical Storm Ophelia

Storm Prep Tropical Storm Ophelia

*This is the same alert as sent out via email ~0900*

Tropical Storm Ophelia (Previously known as potential tropical cyclone #16) is scheduled to hit WRSC starting Friday Night through Sunday. If you have a boat at the club, please be sure to secure it down and prepare it in any other way for the incoming storm. They are forecasting steady winds in the 30s with gust up to the 50s. Along with that, we are expecting quite the storm surge. Please see the forecasts below and prepare accordingly. This is the first big storm of the season, and it is a good reminder to everyone that as we enter the fall season, it is highly recommended that members who keep their boats at WRSC install ground stakes and use them to tie their boats/trailers to the ground. This is especially important for the boats most exposed to the weather and the lightweight performance boats (catamarans). If you have a boat on an upper rack, ensure that it is properly secured. The Club is removing all 420s from the docks and moving Clifford (the Big Red RIB) to a more protected dock or onto his trailer. All other club power boats will be moved uphill to be safe. Any help to move these boats in the afternoon will be much appreciated.

Normal tides usually range in the 1-2 foot range with our higher high tides reaching 3 feet. They are forecasting up to 5 feet.


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