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WRSC Race Team Successes at Annapolis Race Weekend

Congrats to all of the WRSC Race Team for a great (and very hot) Annapolis Junior Race Week. Our coaches lead 21 kids with great success, five of those were sailors from Sailing Center Chesapeake (SCC) who asked to join us.

420 Scott & Molly / 2nd at AYC, 4th at SSA

420 Allie & Everett (SCC) / 5th at AYC, 2nd at SSA

Green Zander / 8th at AYC

Green Lily / 9th at AYC, 8th at SSA

Green Charan / 10th at AYC

This is the first time in decades that WRSC had a presence like this at a CBYRA Junior Regatta. It's the result of many years of hard work to build the Junior Fleet at West River into one of the Chesapeake Bay's best Junior Programs. Racing teams like this are only sustainable when they have the backing of a strong community, one that we've been fortunate enough to have built thanks to our kids, parents, coaches, director, and member volunteers. Our long-term goal has been to design a program that offers a holistic continuum of sailing founded in the love of sailing. One that engages all ages and teaches all aspects of sailing — whether that is dinghies to big boats, winning races, knowing how much anchor chain is needed — to form lifelong sailors.


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