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Knapps Narrows & Dun Cove Cruise Report

After Cruise Report

Knapps Narrows & Dun Cove, May 14 – 16, 2021

Cruise Leaders:

- Al and Liz Sutherland aboard Outward

Cruise Participants:

- Erick and Maggie Chiang aboard au Lapin Agile II

- John and Pat Paris aboard Moon Song II

This cruise turned out to be the first cruise after the CDC provided guidance that fully vaccinated people could meet without masks. All cruise members were fully vaccinated. We therefore planned to raft up and enjoy each other’s company and meet for cocktails and appetizers.

Knapps Narrows Marina is a transient-friendly marina that has dockage along a long pier that is on the North side of the Narrows prior to the Draw Bridge when entering from the Bay. Dun

Cove is a pristine rural, tree and marsh lined cove noted for bird life that sometimes includes

Bald Eagles. Friday, May 14 was a beautiful, but windless day. au Lapin Agile II proceeded to Knapps Narrows Marina where they docked overnight. Outward went through Knapps Narrows, headed North on Harris Creek, and pulled into Dun Cove where they moored overnight.

On Saturday, May 15, the Chiangs had a nice 6-mile hike to explore Black Walnut park and the Sutherlands enjoyed the scenery which included many exuberant Geese, an Egret, and a Blue Heron but, unfortunately no Bald Eagles. The Chiangs joined the Sutherlands at 1400 and the Paris’s, who came direct from their dock on the South River, joined the raft at 1500. Cocktails and heavy appetizers were laid out on au Lapin Agile II and a very pleasant evening ensued.

Upon completion of the appetizers each party returned to their own boats where gourmet dinners were cooked and consumed: the Sutherlands grilled Oriental Marinated Tuna Steaks, the Chiangs grilled a Cornish Hen and, not to be outdone, the Paris’s grilled fillet mignon.

After dinner we all gathered aboard Outward for more camaraderie hoping for more cruises and more cruiser participation now that the Pandemic appears to finally be ending.

We awoke Sunday to another pretty, but cool day. After breakfast, the raft broke up around 1100 and each party proceeded back to their individual docks.


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